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New publication: The Limits of Oral History

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

This morning, I received a copy of the new issue of the Oral History Review, which contains my first publication from my doctoral dissertation. My paper, “The Limits of Oral History: Ethics and Methodology Amid Highly Politicized Research Settings” is intended to promote discussion among oral historians about the distinct theoretical, ethical and methodological challenges that emerge when working in highly politicized research settings – those in which government seek to aggressively control sociopolitical discourses surrounding recent conflicts to prevent renewed violence and/or legitimize their claim to power. Whereas most oral historians celebrate their discipline for its humanizing potential and its ability to democratize history by engaging with the lived experiences of ordinary civilians, I argue that greater discussion is needed to identify instances in which oral historical methods prove to be impossible, politically inappropriate or even dangerous. This is a particularly timely conversation given the Oral History Association’s emerging interest in promoting oral historical research on “emerging crises.” (more…)


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