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Times Higher Education Exchange on Conducting Research in Rwanda

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014


There’s a timely conversation taking place in the pages of the Times Higher Education regarding whether foreign researchers must practice self-censorship in order to successfully conduct research in Rwanda, particularly when related to politically charged subject matter. The conversation was initiated by Phil Clark on November 28, 2013, who posed the question: Must academics researching authoritarian regimes self-censor? In this feature, Clark argues that it is possible to conduct research in Rwanda if the researcher in question is “discreet, patient and respectful in the field” and builds “close relationships with local respondents, researchers and (where possible) government officials.” He concludes that those researchers who have met with difficulties while doing research in Rwanda have likely “been bombastic or hectoring during their research, belligerently ‘speaking truth to power,'” and that these negative experiences should not be used to dissuade younger generations of researchers from pursuing research in Rwanda. (more…)


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