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New Online Resource: Research in Difficult Settings

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015


Susan Thomson, Milli Lake and I have recently launched a new online resource – Research in Difficult Settings – that provides a forum for academics and practitioners from a range of disciplinary backgrounds and regional expertise to exchange ideas related to conducting fieldwork in highly politicized, authoritarian, and other difficult settings. The resource consists of three main components: (1) a scholars’ database to promote networking among like-minded affiliates; (2) a working paper series containing long- and short-form articles on pressing ethical and methodological issues; and (3) an interactive forum that facilitates real-time discussion of challenges that emerge during fieldwork. The resource boasts an impressive Advisory Board, including Kathleen Blee, Kimberly Theidon and  Chandra Lekham Sriram, among others, who will assist with peer-reviewing all working paper submissions. Simply sign-up to join the conversations!


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