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The Liu Postdoctoral Speaker Series: Creating Our Own Professional Development Opportunities

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

For many finishing and recent PhDs, the current academic job market is a major source of anxiety. This is particularly true in the social sciences and humanities, where tenure-track jobs are rare and the competition extraordinary. As a postdoctoral fellow whose long-term career goal is to conduct and direct interdisciplinary research on human rights at a leading Canadian institution, my early forays on the academic job market quickly led me to the conclusion that I had received little training in how best to turn my ambitions into reality. Whether it was the matter of finding job ads in my field, to writing application materials, promoting myself at conferences and workshops, and surviving a job interview, I realized I had gained little experience during my doctoral studies that would be relevant for the next stage of my career. My efforts to search out relevant professional development often ended in disappointment. Either the professional development opportunities were too general given the limited time frame of the seminar or they were geared toward supporting engineering and science graduates, rather than social scientists. (more…)


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